Blue and Yellow

I love these two colors together.


It’s something new I’m working on, something that is made up of a lot of different pieces. Anyone want to venture a guess? I’ll let you know if you’re right, but I might not be posting the finished piece for a little while…

22 thoughts on “Blue and Yellow

  1. I think that it’s either:
    A. A new toy, or
    B. A multicolored Looper.
    I doubt that I’m right, but it’s nice to venture a guess!

  2. a turtle!! that’s my guess…it looks like a turtle shell

    and the colors do look cool together

  3. Nope, not a fish or a turtle. It’s something much less conventional for a toy. (Even “toy” might be applied loosely.)

  4. Hmmm, not a fish? That is not a scale pattern I see swimming before me? The swatch colors remind me of hydrangeas. Next guess: a blue and yellow giraffe designed in that special mochimochi way.

  5. hmm… You kinda have me stumped. I’m suprised it’s not a fish. YThis toy must be ingeniously creative. (=

  6. I’m loving all these ideas! I’d have to say that the fence and the hot air balloon are the closest, because the toy is an inanimate object. Any more guesses?

  7. I’m always up for test knitting too Anna! ;) I was close! fence/sofa, you can still sit on the fence…. :)

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