Story of the Sweet Animals

I haven’t been a huge collector of the plastic Japanese miniatures that seem to only be gaining in popularity—most often food, furniture, and the like— but my ever-savvy mother-in-law Bonney introduced me over the weekend to her new collection of “Story of the Sweet Animals” miniature animal scenes that she got from this website. They’re amazing! Each blind box contains at least two adorable plastic animals, some darling plastic props (water, mushrooms, tree), and a little card backdrop scene.


Apparently you can connect the cards together to make a complete story.

Bonney bought a box of 10, so we spent a while ripping them open like it was a Japanese miniature version of Christmas. Unfortunately for me, there were no duplicates for me to take home, so I may have to buy some for myself. After all, according to the website, “Not only are the fun toys, but they are perfect as home décor.”

Of course! These would go perfectly with that new couch we just got.

2 thoughts on “Story of the Sweet Animals

  1. OH MY GOD!
    My birthday is coming up, I know what I’m adding to my list!
    Not only are they cute, they dont look like the creepy random animals you can get around where I live!

  2. These are darling! I remember how much fun I had as a kid playing with little horses and dogs. The expressions on the faces of these four-foot creatures–wonder? openness? interest?–are captivating. Good find, Bonney! May you have hours of good play!

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