Coming Soon: Captain Capacitor and Resisty the Resistor

Two new free patterns are on their way!


We’ll start with Captain Capacitor later this week, and little Resisty will follow soon after. Get ready with your knitted circuit boards!

While I’m on the topic of geeky knitted toys inspired by my husband, I want to take the opportunity to plug his blog, Geek Out New York. John’s been working hard on it, and though I’m pretty foreign to his world of gaming and gadgets, I always enjoy reading his smart and witty writing. If you like what you see, please tell your friends!

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Captain Capacitor and Resisty the Resistor

  1. Thank you Anna! I just have to make these for my Father, and Father’s Day in Australia is in just a couple of weeks so it should give me just enough time to squeeze them in between my other projects!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. They’re amazing! My boys would love them since they so lately seem to be into Robot-y and elecrtical things. :) The next generation of Geeks, LOL

  3. OMG! I can’t wait to make these. I am an electrical engineer and beginner knitter. They’ll look so cool in my office!! You can’t spell Geek without a double-E.

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