Photo Contest 08 Winners!

The votes are in for the 2008 Mochimochi Photo contest!

It was clear from the way the votes came in over the last two days that each of the 10 finalists had their fans. In all, we received almost 1,000 votes! The results are exciting, too.

But first, John and I want to thank everyone who entered the contest and everyone who voted. It’s so much fun to see that other people are as excited about this contest as we are, and the creativity of your photos is endlessly inspiring! If you missed the contest this year, we will be holding it again next year too, with a few changes: we will be adding a “series” category, as well as a “judges’ choice” award.

And now for the results!

We actually had a TIE for third place, between Stackable Cats (Blue) by Bitter-Sweet- and Conga Line of Bobs by kayk. To break the tie, we had to look back to the comments in the semifinalist round, and the winner of third place is…

Conga Line of Bobs by kayk


Yay, kayk! You get some cute goodies from Japan…


…and a $10 Mochimochi Land gift certificate.

Second place goes to Tubby (and octopus) by PrettyCranium.


Hooray PrettyCranium! You will also receive cute goodies from Japan…


…and a $15 Mochimochi Land gift certificate.

And finally, with over 250 votes, first place in the 2008 Mochimochi Photo Contest goes to…

Slug Checkers by denise.y.cheung


Congratulations, Denise!! You win a box stuffed with craft supplies, kits, books, and toys from Japan!


You’ll also receive a $20 Mochimochi Land gift certificate.

Thus concludes the second Mochimochi Photo Contest! Thank you again to all who participated. And remember it’s not too early to get started on your entries for next year’s contest!

18 thoughts on “Photo Contest 08 Winners!

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so happy! Second place is amazing, especially given all those fabulous pics. I did way better than I imagined!

    Thanks so much to everyone who voted and especially to Anna for the contest, the prizes, and most of all for the great patterns.

    I’m way more excited about this than is probably reasonable . . .

  2. I can’t get the Bobs to stop dancing in the conga line since they came in third place! They feel like they just won an Olympic medal. If the blue Stackable Cats were around, they would be asked to join the conga line too. ;o)
    Thanks for the votes and yes, as PrettyCranium said above, thanks to Anna for the great patterns and contest!

  3. Yes, congrats to the winners, and seriously, all of you shared amazing images!

    Oiyi, the little cubes are little tofu blocks in different flavors and the little blobs are manju, little cakes! Aren’t the adorable?

    Erin, you have to try to make a trip to Yuzawaya, which is near Kamata station near Tokyo. Have a great trip!

  4. Wow! BOTH of my favorites made it! I saw the conga line of bobs and was so glad they made 3rd. Not only that, Slug checkers ALSO made it! I’m very amazed, especially at the tie for 3rd place. :O
    Congrats to everyone!

  5. Anna, thank you so much for organizing this, and I’ve learned so much about knitting from your patterns and I also got a few people interested in knitting plush. Always a plus, I think. Congrats to everybody, I loved all the photos! I do wish my cats & slugs can join the conga line with the bobs.

    Erin, if you are going to Tokyo, do check out Loft and Tokyo Hands, both are in Shibuya, I think. It may not have the ribbons, but it has lots of other amazing stuff.

  6. oh dear intellectual chess cats beat out my favourite slimey sluggers. i feel sad, but must support all forms of slug snail sporting, i suppose.

    Congrats to all winners!

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