A Rapt Audience

Guess who stayed up waay past their bedtime to watch the first presidential debate?


Each declared their candidate the winner, of course. The follow-up spin will likely last clear through next Thursday…

11 thoughts on “A Rapt Audience

  1. Interesting that they sat closest to their opponent’s side. Proving that they care less about what their hero says and more about attacking the other side.

  2. They are very good supporters. I am sure they were just itching to find something to use against the other. :-)

  3. So cute! And this does look like a video game. Plus, I like how they are observing carefully. Like they wanna be future presidents or sumthing.

  4. I think they’re sitting the way they are so that they can gaze in admiration at their chosen candidates. Donkey seems to be looking at Obama, and Elephant at McCain, no?

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