Remember how I was making a couch? I made two!



Of course, I couldn’t resist giving them a few dust bunnies…



It was fun using a color pattern for these. Trying to think of other toys to do that with.

These one-of-a-kind couches will be in the “Plush You” show at Double Punch in San Francisco in November. Show info to come later!

Update: Thank you to Kristen for posting on the Plush You blog!

40 thoughts on “Couches

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That has got to be without a doubt the cutest thing I have ever seen you make! I’m speechless it’ so cute!!!! I want one. That’s all I can say!

  2. Wow! I love the old timey print on the sofas! They remind me of the couches in my grandmothers and that brings back great memories!

    The tiny dustbunnies are just an awesome detail!

  3. Oh, I want to make the dust bunnies. Any hints? I have the pattern for the full size but those are even cuter.

  4. PATTERN! PATTERN! Sorry, must have been an adrenaline rush from how awesome it is! If it’s one of a kind, does that mean we won’t get the pattern?

  5. How nice to get such good feedback! I am really happy with my couches, too, and it’s going to be so hard to send them away.

    I’m actually thinking about including the pattern in a book that I hope to write someday soon. I’m hard at work coming up with a new collection of patterns for that!

  6. pattern! book! couches! yay!
    *deep breath*
    okay, let me rephrase that. i think those couches are really really great, i’d love to see a book with your patterns and i’d also really like to knit my very own couch, someday.
    you rock! =)

  7. Those couches are truly awesome, especially with little dust bunnies all over. I would buy a book of your patterns in a flash, as long as they weren’t all patterns I already owned, and even then I might consider it!

  8. I would TOTALLY buy your book! And if I was broke ( which is usually the case ), I would beg my mom 24/7! That would be my favorite knitting book, and I would not let anyone touch it, and it would have NO scratches.

  9. I would so buy your knitting book, too! I’m currently broke but I’m going to put up some baby-sitting ads soon. Or I can just try making clothes and selling them. And hurricane ike just hit The Woodlands so the annoying people with chainsaws are getting rid of the trees that fell down near my house (and one tree even made a hole in the roof!)

  10. Anna, I really do hope you will write a book, as you mentioned! Your patterns are so creative and deserve to be published.

  11. The cutest things (dust bunnies) I have ever seen. How can I get pattern for them. Will you be posting your couch pattern. I would so love to knit it. I certainly would buy your book if you publish one. Why don’t you sell the pattern on your blog until you publish book? Pleeseeeeeeeeee.

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