Pretty Odd

I was summoned for jury duty recently (it involved waiting for a few hours and not getting my name called), so I had occasion to walk around the vicinity of New York’s City Hall. There are a surprising number of odd lots stores in the area. Why, I don’t know, but I stepped into one out of curiosity.

(I apologize for the bad photo quality; my camera phone was scratched a while back when it fell out of my purse during an airline check-in and skidded across the floor.)

This particular store had a generous supply of the usual: candles, small gadgets, Panasonic batteries, and a random assortment of packaged foods.


I thought these Spider Man piggy banks were interesting. Or rather, the sheer number of them was interesting. Are there that many people in this world who desire a Spider Man piggy bank?


Then, toward the back of this brightly-lit store was a section of… Adult DVD Movies?


I partly convinced myself that the “Adult” in “Adult DVD Movies” means “not G or PG-rated DVD movies,” but I still wasn’t going to get close enough to the giant pile to read the titles.

7 thoughts on “Pretty Odd

  1. Really, I don’t know anyone who wants a Spiderman piggy bank. I have a question though. Since I am only 11, I have never been in a jury ( duh ). So, like what exactly do you do? Just sit and listen to some lawyers talk about bad people and state your opinion? Also, how long do the people talk?

  2. Even though I had jury duty, I’ve never actually been in a courtroom, so I’m not the best person to say what goes on, but from the movies and TV shows I’ve seen, it looks like the jury is 12 people who listen to all of the arguments by lawyers and testimony by experts and witnesses, and then they talk amongst themselves after everything is presented, and when they can all agree on a verdict, they announce that to the judge. I think the length of a trial can vary a lot, lasting from just a day or two to months for big complicated trials. That’s all I know!

    By the way, thanks for your compliment about my couches! Glad you like them.

  3. Yes, I’m an adult now, but that doesn’t mean that I want to take a long look at porn in a well-lit odd-lots store next to City Hall! Of course, I have no shame in taking photos from a distance.

  4. Besides, what kind of adult movies would you find in an odd-lots store? Probably some pretty awful ones.

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