Knitted Toilet Paper is Catching on

My free pattern for Toilet Paper from October last year has recently enjoyed a little surge of attention, thanks, perhaps, to its inclusion in Whipup’s recent Ultimate Guide to Knitting (and Crochet) for Halloween post. How nice of them!

The funny thing to me is how so many people like to take the intentions of this pattern very literally. It was originally meant to be a silly gag, or perhaps a scarf, but I suppose if you knit it, you can do whatever you want with it…


As a Halloween pattern, I suggest hanging it in your tree, or using it to dress up as said toilet-papered tree.

8 thoughts on “Knitted Toilet Paper is Catching on

  1. its kinda scary that some people think that you would actually use this in place of toilet paper…but if you don’t understand knitting I can see how the mental jump can be made.

    Perhaps on a more bigger annoyance, those people took your photos without credit! At least they linked back to you and didn’t directly steal from your bandwidth.I know this might sound a bit silly and overly protective of photos, but give credit where it’s due you know?

  2. I can’t imagine using knitted toilet paper. I mean, yes you can wash it but it would always feel weird (even if you used one of the yarns that take machine washing and drying well).

    Though it is less alarming if you think about the idea of washable diapers. They may not be knit, but it does push the line about what we can wash and reuse.

  3. hahahahahh ewww thats just nasty to think people would actually use this instead of toilet paper >.<

    and ya i showed this to my friend and she was like omg i want it so i’m making her one for christmas ^_^
    as a scarf of course though
    will take a picture after the christmas season and will link and give you credit
    just like I did with the little heart <3

  4. I made a roll of knitted toilet paper for my friend Noah! I was showing him the website and he BEGGED me to make it for him. When I gave it to him he kept rolling it up, then un-wound it, then rolled it up, over and over again.

  5. I didn’t see anything in the blogs that indicated they felt it was for use–they just seem to be going along with the gag. Did the bloggers change their posts after finding out it’s not real? Are you okay with people snatching photos like that? (I personally have had things snatched off my own website and it stings worse than wool toilet paper would.)

  6. I would certainly prefer that people give me proper credit, but I’m not going to go after every person who uses a photo from my blog with a link. I’m much more concerned about people distributing my copyrighted patterns without my permission. Dealing with a little of that right now, unfortunately…

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