Paper Pod Beads

My super-crafty mother-in-law recently made these gorgeous boutique-worthy necklaces from unusual materials: mini cereal boxes (top left), a box containing sweets from Japan (top right), and postcards from the PIT improv theater in New York (bottom).


(The cardboard recycling pile at the town dump is also great place to find colorful materials, as I learned this past weekend.)

Bonney got the idea from a tutorial on Folding Trees.

4 thoughts on “Paper Pod Beads

  1. Too bad you won’t be here Wednesday for a return trip to the dump. The hubster wasn’t too impressed with us…..

  2. That would be awesome to wear to school! I wore a knitted eyeball as a necklace the other day, and most kids thought it was so cool. I am sure they would like those too.

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