Pastel Pundits

Hannah of BitterSweet just posted a photo of her adooorable Pundit Babies!


(Is it just me, or is that elephant looking just a little bit nervous…?)

Hannah was nice enough to test the pattern for me when it was still in development. Thank you Hannah!

8 thoughts on “Pastel Pundits

  1. i dunno, he sure looks a little nervous to me! and chubby… ;)
    and i caught my elephant reading christopher buckley’s obama endorsement over beau’s shoulder the other day

  2. I am loving knitting the Pundit Babies. They are really fast (and I would be done, except I am waiting until the dog squeakers I bought to go in them arrive) to knit up, and only slightly slower for sewing up!

  3. i love how all of your toys, anna, can be converted into sweet nursery rhymes for babies or playful plush for adults who never grow up! Those are really cute (great idea!)…

  4. Thank you Kounting Sheep! Those are the kind of designs—ones that can be equally suitable for adults and kids—that I aim to create, so that’s great to hear.

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