Sheldon Kits from Knit Picks

On Ravelry this week, I spotted an ad for kits to customize your Sheldon (a free pattern by Ruth Homrighaus) that are now available through Knit Picks. It’s just such a clever idea that I had to share.

With the two kits, you can disguise your Sheldon as a variety of animals, including a bumble bee…


or you can give him a variety of occupations, such as “pirate,” with their costumes kit.


I’ve never made a Sheldon myself, but these are very cute and funny.

By the way, the career costumes are designed by Brooke Higgins, but there is no pattern credit for the animals kit on the Knit Picks website, though—anybody know who designed them?

Update: Turns out the animal costumes were designed by Ruth Homrighaus herself. (Thanks, Stefanie!)

8 thoughts on “Sheldon Kits from Knit Picks

  1. I know! I saw these too, my favourite was the costume where you got to dress him up as a bat! I haven’t knitted Sheldon either, but he’s been on my ‘to do’ list forever…

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