Plush You! This Friday

It’s time again for Plush You!, the annual plush show held at Schmancy in Seattle.


This year might just be the best ever, with original plushes from over 100 artists, including some specially recommended by gallery hanahou.

Also, there’s me! You can go see my three “Snails vs. Slugs” pieces in person.




I so wish I could be there for the opening this Friday. (I’m determined to make it there some day…) If you’re in the Seattle area, please check it out!

Plush You!
October 10 – November 13
Opening party: October 10, 5-9 pm
1932 Second Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

7 thoughts on “Plush You! This Friday

  1. Maybe I will… I mean, I tried with some of my old friends, and a lot of them got frustrated…

  2. Anna, do you have plans to go to Seattle before the end of the Plush You! Exhibition? If you do, I really, really would like to meet you.
    I’d definitely go to the show but not right this weekend. It would be nice to have to do two things at once: see the show and meet you. That would be so exciting!
    Let me know, just email me even if you aren’t planning to go.

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