Ikebana at the Met

Last Wednesday I went to an ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) demonstration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York. It was amazing.

Ikebana master Nori Noda did five arrangements, ranging from the extremely complex rikka to the anything-goes freestyle, explaining some of the basic principles as he worked. The best photo that I could get afterward with my phone camera was of the freestyle arrangement:


I’d taken some lessons in the Ikenobo school the last time I was living in Japan, and was really hooked at the time, but I hadn’t found much going on in NY since coming here. It turns out that there are ongoing two-session lessons held at the Nippon Club, which I’m probably going to try out next month.

If you’re more interested in looking than doing, there will be an exhibition (again, of the Ikenobo school) this spring at the Met, from April 30 through May 3.

I have to thank Antonio for his research help!

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