Two Boos and a Yahtzee

I’m so happy to already see a handful of completed Boos over on Ravelry! Since I released the pattern less than 48 hours ago, I guess that proves just how quick of a knit he is. Super!

Three bats in particular are very special friends, because they were made by three of my awesome test knitters, who were a big help to me in polishing the pattern.

First is this little cutie by Mikkers.


Her Boo loves to commune with colorful flowers. What a romantic…


Kountingsheep used acrylic yarn to make her bat, whom she named Yahtzee!


Isn’t he stylish?


Because she was knitting with acrylic yarn, which behaves differently from wool, Kountingsheep slipped one stitch at each end of the bat’s wings, and she also used an iron to “kill” the acrylic and stop it from rolling. A great tip!

And finally, a bat from Bonney, my mother-in-law! John, my father-in-law, was nice enough to take some artful photos of her adorable Boo.



Thank you to Mikkers, Kountingsheep, and Bonney! You are all Boo-rific. (And I am in the mood for terrible puns, apparently.)

8 thoughts on “Two Boos and a Yahtzee

  1. I LOVE being boo-rific. I am going to reward myself with a peanut butter cup from the Halloween stash!!

  2. Yay Yahtzee! I love my little bat! I just put up more pictures of my finished bat on my blog…FYI: Anna, my link to my blog on your post isn’t working…

  3. Anna, it *does* knit up very fast, and I think that’s a selling point! To those interested, it took two days for me to knit (and felt–not in the pattern) Boo, and I don’t mean knitting consecutively for that long! :)

    Also an idea . . . why not use the patterns to make Christmas gifts? Boo is going to my mom, who likes bats (we don’t know why), and the chicken/egg is for a friend who raises chickens. I expect these will go over very well since Mochimochiland creations are so clever and fun.

  4. Oops! I forgot one thing–have fun with the button! Picking out the perfect one is really fun and reveals your bat’s personality. :)

  5. I love all of the little boos! I’m still trying to decide which patterns I need (read: want) to buy first and I’m pretty sure it is boo for me and pundits for everybody I know!

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