Say hello to October, and say hello to the newest pattern in the Mochimochi Shop: Boo the Bat!


Boo’s favorite word is…BOO!
Boo’s second-favorite word? YAHTZEE!

This little bat is a quick knit featuring wraparound wings and feet that can hang from your finger or the nearest tree branch.

Pattern techniques include knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, picking up stitches, and mattress stitch.

Download the PDF pattern here!

Update: Thank you to Jenny at the Craft blog, Lime & Violet, and Kristen at the Plush You! blog for posting about Boo!

12 thoughts on “BOO!

  1. YAHTZEE! what a silly fellow you are, Boo! ;) tee hee! i am so going to have to make you so i can find out what your *third* favorite word is…

  2. A friend of mine thinks tiny wee bats are adorable — when I saw this, I had to have it. Yay! :D Can’t wait to knit one up!

  3. Bought and queued! Can’t wait to make up a string of these for Samhain this year! Like Christmas garland, only spookier!
    Great design Anna. :D

  4. i’m soooooo excited about boo. ran out at lunch today to buy some funky yarn. i’ve never posted pics before (other than my own website) so i’ll have to check out the picture group after i make my first boo. yay!

  5. I LOVE that pattern. I have been doing a lot of holiday knitting, so this will fit right in!

  6. He is absolutely adorable, I’m trying to fight the urge to buy him, because the last thing I need is another pattern, it is soooo hard, aw, I better just buy him anyway!

  7. Boo is totally cute!!! I was wondering how hard he would be to knit? I like to knit and make patterns, but I’ve never tried 3D anything. I plan on buying his pattern once I put more into my ‘knitting allowance’ I really like him! You are SO creative. :)

  8. Torri, the wings are the easiest part–they’re just flat knitting. If you know how to add and decrease, you could start with those and then work your way up to knitting in the round! :) (I prefer knitting flat, too, so I made the wings first. But you’ll find things look so much better when they’re 3D and there are less seams.)

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