Thanks to my better half, I’m hooked on a new video game: Braid, a platform game download for the Xbox.


Braid is a game of puzzles that uses time manipulation as both a tool and a philosophical theme. I love how the artwork, a wash of swirling watercolor skies, underscores the sad and mysterious narrative.


Curious lion-like creatures that inhabit the game’s landscape are also a nice touch.


Sadly, I’m not too far from the end of this brief game right now. It’s like a good book that I wish wouldn’t be ending so soon.

John blogged about it on Geek Out New York last week, so I’ll direct anyone interested in reading more to his post.

3 thoughts on “Braid

  1. That looks like a cool game! We don’t have an XBox, though, so unless it gets released for the PS3, I think we’re out of luck. Alas. I’m excited for Little Big Planet, though – it looks fun! :)

  2. Oh, I love Braid. My better half has been playing it as well. I need a game where you get infinate redo’s and cannot fall to your death, so it’s perfect for me. Plus the art is just beautiful.

  3. I LOVE this game. i like how they composed the music such that it sounds cool backwards as well as forwards, especially since I seem to spend more time running time backwards…

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