Recently I have been enviously eyeing some friends’ beautiful cards made with Moo, so I finally gave the printing company a try with a set of new Mochimochi Land business cards. Nice results!


If you’re not familiar, Moo is a UK company that prints all kinds of business cards, stickers, greeting cards, etc. They’re a bit pricier than some printers, but their uploader system is very easy to use (and fun because you can upload up to 50 images for a different image on each card), and they also have great customer service. I know a lot of crafters and people with small businesses use them, and with good reason!

10 thoughts on “Moooo

  1. Oooh!! Could you do Mochimochi greeting cards? I would buy a stack of ’em. They would be perfect for any occasion. Please, please?

  2. i just ordered some moo minicards for my etsy shop! i can’t wait to get them in. your’s look fabulous! i would SO buy some mochimochi greeting cards.

  3. Hey, I’m kind of liking the greeting card idea too! It would probably be too expensive to print through Moo, but maybe I’ll look into some other printing options… Will let you know if that happens!

  4. The moo mini cards are a lot of fun too, I’ve been using those for a couple of years. They are a little more economical as you get 100 of them so they go farther. A lot of artists treat them like trading cards, I’ve got a great collection!

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