watermelonsA lot of various strange smells have come and gone in the hallway of our apartment building (burnt dog food smell is a common occurrence, for some reason), but the strangest yet may be this morning’s extreme fake watermelon scent that reached me all the way into the far corner of our bedroom.

I just poked my head out the door, and it’s overwhelming. It’s like someone shampooed the carpet all the way down the hall with kids’ watermelon shampoo, or else Bubbleyum is holding a convention in the apartment next door. It’s insanely sweet and sickening and fake-watermelon-y. WHAT COULD BE CAUSING IT. This question will haunt me for the next few hours, or until the smell goes away.

7 thoughts on “Watermelons!!!

  1. You know what would be absolutely adorable? A knitted watermelon!! Use it as inspiration…I bet you would come up with something really cute!

  2. Completely gone now! That was strange.

    Maybe watermelons would make a great summer knit! I’ll keep that in mind…

  3. Ha ha! I can just picture it with those sweet little black dot eyes with white seeds or white eyes with black seeds…and of course those signature bright colours of yours. Can’t wait for summer, now…no wait, I love my skiing too much. :)

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