You might not know it from following my blog, but I have been knitting toys nonstop over the past year, and I now have a big stockpile of new toys. I have plans for most of them and there are reasons that I haven’t posted them on the blog, but there are a few that I have no immediate plans for, and it seems like kind of a waste to not at least give them their one minute 13 seconds of fame (the average time people spend on my website, according to Google Analytics). Like this little campfire here.


I think I lost my draft of the pattern for it when my hard drive crashed back in August, but I could probably recreate it at some point. Aside from Campfire kids and serious campers, though, who wants a knitted campfire? Maybe I should introduce him to a marshmallow.

33 thoughts on “Campy

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your creativity and your blog. Pardon the pop-psych phrase – your little creations connect directly with my inner child. So fantastical and optimistic!

  2. That’s awesome! BTW, this is random,but where did u go to college? I’m trying to get information on college and school stuff. I’m considering Parsons cuz I want to be a fashion designer and I like big cities, but I still have 5 years to decide…..

  3. I’m with Jeanne. Also, My grandma’s arthritus doesn’t let her get out by the campfire anymore, and I think she would LOVE a knitted one!

  4. I’d love to knit a camp scene. Or maybe knit some little happy rocks to make a ring around the fire.

  5. I’d love to knit a campy too. I could see him sitting in the middle of a table, surrounded by little knitted figures, keeping warm, and perhaps roasting marshmallows!

  6. Just adding my name to the list of those wanting a knit campfire. My kids play camping all the time…they would LOVE this!

  7. Thank you all for the feedback! I’ll definitely be keeping Campy in mind as a potential pattern for 2009. In the meantime, I’ll also be posting a few more random toys when I get around to photographing them.

  8. I want a knitted camp fire!!!!! Its so cute! This is by far my favorite Mochimochi toy!!!!!!!

  9. Anna, I think Campy would *finally* do it for my husband and make him a beleiver! PLEASE put this cutie on the 2009 Definite Toy List for 2009!! My husband has been a scout all his life and has a passion for all things related to Scouting and camping in general! Please please give us the pattern!

    And you know, we could also knit sausage dogs to roast over th fire, people. Not just marshmallows! ^_^

  10. Who wouldn’t want a knitted campfire?? I just posted about the “Which Came First” that I knitted for my friend’s Christmas – she loves her knitted egg and chicken…indeed it was almost a used toy before she even got it because so many people wanted to turn the egg into a chicken! Keep up the great work!!

  11. Hi Anna,

    This is without doubt the best knitted toy I have ever seen! I have been a scout all my life and would love to knit this for all my scout leader friends!
    Thanks for sharing the strangeness!


  12. hi,
    I love your little knitted campfire and my son (3) would love it as well, as he loves playing fire fighter with his little cars. So if you could recreate the pattern, I really would like to knit a number of fires for him to hide them everywhere in the house ;-))

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