Knitted Toys from Neat Designers

It’s been my pleasure to get to know some talented knitters over the past couple of years that I’ve had my website up. Many of them design toys of their own, so I thought I’d post a few of my favorites as last-minute gifts. All of the below patterns are available online, so all you need is a trip to your yarn stash or maybe the local yarn store (because you were going there anyway) to get started.

For an inventor or anyone in need of a bright idea:

Bright Spark the Light Bulb by Kate Jeffery
Available as a free download on Ravelry.

For the musician in your life:

Guitar by Katie Park
Available on Etsy or Ravelry.

For your hipster friends or great-aunt who still collects owls:

Horned Owl by Hansi Singh
Available on Etsy or Ravelry.

For Australo-philes or kiwi fruit fans:

Crazy Kiwi Bird by Hannah Kaminski
Free on her blog.

For anyone who likes silly monsters (that’s everyone!):

mmmmm by Joan De Lurio
Available on Etsy or Ravelry.

That should just about cover everybody on your list, right? If not, you might check out the patterns in my own shop and the freebies on my blog.

Happy holiday knitting!

6 thoughts on “Knitted Toys from Neat Designers

  1. Oh lovely, I have a few these on my Ravelry queue, always good to get some more! You picked out some great ones

    As a knitter in New Zealand I feel compelled to point out that the kiwi bird is the national bird of New Zealand though , not Australia! Right part of the world though lol

  2. I’ve knitted 2 Bright Spark bulbs for my dad this Christmas (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this :P) and they were a great pattern, I adapted it to work on 2 circs, which is my preferred small diameter knitting in the round method and it worked well. They knitted up very quickly, I did one in about 4-5 hours one morning snuggled up with Fennel tea at a friend’s house.

    The silly monsters are fab!

  3. you know that scene in rudolph when clarice tells him he’s cute? that’s how i feel now: “I’M NEEEAT! she thinks i’m NEEEEEAT!!” :D thank you, Anna!

  4. Wow! such a surprise to check your blog and see my little light bulb here again! I’m feeling pretty spesh too :) Thanks Anna and Happy Holidays!

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