Two Funny Toys

I was lucky enough to be able to attend both of the plush-making workshops that we recently held at gallery hanahou in conjunction with Luv-able + Hug-able!

The first workshop was led by the Ossu! Syugeibu “crafting club” from Tokyo, who encourage people to craft without patterns or any skill whatsoever. We made funny creatures out of socks, somewhat a la Sock and Glove but without stuffing and with a mouth opening. Mine turned out to be a type of bear with a bow tie.

Here he is gagging on his hand.


The idea is that the toy will change shape depending on what kinds of objects you put in its mouth, but I kind of like my guy floppy.

The second workshop was the Jenny Harada workshop last Saturday, in which Jenny led us in making silly Elf Chums! This is the second workshop I’ve taken with Jenny. She’s a very patient teacher, especially when I’m attempting to sew things on the inside of my toy.

Here you see my Elf Chum (on the left) next to two of Jenny’s. (Her furry brown one is still my favorite.)


And here you see it with his cousin Bjornzi, a plush in Luv-able + Hug-able that I bought at the opening and have yet to bring home:


Both my red bear and my little elf have moved in with me, but neither of them have names. Any suggestions?

Update: Jenny’s Elf Chum pattern is now available in PDF form in her Etsy shop. So go make your own!

9 thoughts on “Two Funny Toys

  1. They look great! I love your little elf, no name suggestions I’m sorry – a bit too early in the morning for me at the moment, maybe after my cup of tea…

  2. Yes, that would be me in the workshop. I remember I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before, so I probably look a little tired.

    Ooh, how about Flopsy the Bear? I think that one’s settled.

  3. I’m bad with names. I’m just one of those people who think of really random and strange names, like a year ago, I wanted to name my language teacher’s kid Starly(after the pokemon).

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