Santa Snail and Santa Slug

I was happy to see that Whipup blogged about my free Snails and Slugs pattern last week as a “simple gift” for the holidays. This inspired me to make them just a bit more festive.


The tiny Santa hats are very simple to make.

With white fingering-weight sock yarn, cast on 9 sts onto 3 size 1 or 2 dpns, and join in a rnd.
Purl one rnd.
Switch to red sock yarn, and knit 2 rnds.
Next rnd: [k2tog, k1] 3 times (6 sts)
Knit 2 more rnds, then break yarn and draw through sts with a tapestry needle.

For pom pom, thread white yarn through top of hat several times, crisscrossing over the six stitches that you pulled together to close the end. (I made more of these stitches on the hat on the left for a bigger pom pom.)

Weave in loose ends, and now you have a Santa topper for your Snail or Slug!

11 thoughts on “Santa Snail and Santa Slug

  1. I hope these guys will come and be part of the Christmas scene. I’ll even take the guinea pig off the roof….

  2. oh the cuteness! all my slugs and snails are pulling full on mopes now… because i don’t have time to knit them santa hats!

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