Merry Christmas! (Anybody use the elf tags?)

I usually go into Christmas with a little trepidation, but emerge on the other side with much joy. That’s more or less what happened this year.

Now that most of the organized festivities are over, I’ve been catching up on some online happenings, and I noticed that Lime & Violet gave my Mochimochi Elves gift tags a mention yesterday on their blog. So nice!


If you used the tags, I would love to hear about it (even if your recipient was puzzled by the strange creatures on their gift). I don’t know how many people downloaded them, so it would be neat to get some kind of feedback.

I’ll likely be internet-free over the next couple of days. Enjoy those holiday leftovers!

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! (Anybody use the elf tags?)

  1. I used it! No one really payed too much attention to the elves, they just acknowledged that they were cute and went on with it. A few people asked me what they were, and I flipped open my phone, went on the internet, and showed them your site, while explaining what they were.

  2. Hi Anna,
    I used them! I thought they looked spiffy on my gifts! Though I think the recipients were so excited about getting gifts they didn’t even look at the tags – and they were all adults!
    Thanks for offering them.

  3. Hi Anna,

    I used them, and both my daughter and Mum who are also fans of yours took the time to notice them! We have two of the knitted elves and seasonal cheer to the cloakroom!

  4. I have downloaded them, but didnt used them this year! Although I think I will use them as gift tags for birthday-presents and other nice gifts this year. :)

  5. Wow it’s so cool to hear that some of you actually used the tags! I’m glad I asked. They were so much fun to make that I’m thinking of other print things to make, like maybe sticker sheets.

  6. I used the tags, so far not too many people were puzzled by them. They looked at the tag and looked at me and figured it out.

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