Ravelry Sales?

The last day of the year came sooner than I expected!

It’s fun to think about new beginnings and adventures to come in the new year, whether or not the word “resolution” is involved. I for one am going to try to be more daring in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and ingredients more often. (I have pretty neutral feelings about cooking, so it seems worth a try.)

As for things knitting-related, I’m thinking about new patterns, of course, and maybe some more artsy-experimental stuff too. I’m also considering trying out PDF pattern sales through Ravelry. Before I start uploading, though, I would love to hear how people have found buying patterns through Ravelry, which I’m sure many of you have done. I would also love to hear from designers who sell their patterns through Ravelry—any problems with it or concerns? I would greatly appreciate comments left to this post, or you can also email me at info@mochimochiland.com.

Thanks in advance for your input, and Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “Ravelry Sales?

  1. I’ve bought a couple of pdf patterns on Ravelry. It was amazingly easy and then the pdf is saved in my library, which is nice because I can access the pdfs I’ve purchased from anywhere. So, from the buyer’s perspective, I recommend sales on Ravelry. :) Happy New Year!

  2. I have bought a pattern through Ravelry before. I found the process very easy and I loved the fact that the pattern was saved in my library. I’ve bought pdf’s from other websites before and then lost the file. I highly recommend Ravelry sales.

  3. Easy to buy patterns through Ravelry. I can just pay with Paypal. And I love that it is saved in my library. Then I can access anywhere, even if I am not near my own computer.

  4. I agree with everyone above’s statements – Ravelry makes it easy to keep track of things you’ve bought even when you’re away from home!

  5. I’ve purchased quite a few patterns through Ravelry and I really like it. As others have already stated, it’s great that they save a copy in my library, the whole thing is quick and easy. When other designers give the choice of ordering through Ravelry or somewhere else, I always choose Ravelry. Hope this helps, and have a verry happy new year!

  6. Me too! I’ve loved buying patterns on Ravelry, so easy to just grab it while you are there rather than having to click through to some other site. Not that it takes much more time, but you know how sometimes you are trying to avoid getting distracted and wandering around all over the internet?

    On a related note… I’ve been wondering about the pattern for Looper? I remember reading ages ago that it would be available from Loops exclusively only until the end of the year. I’m hoping that that means you’ll be selling it here (or on Ravelry) soon? I really want to make some and have been trying to wait patiently for the end of the year :)

    Happy New Year!

  7. I have purchased plenty of patterns through Ravelry and couldn’t be happier. It’s also easier for the designer to update the patterns (should there be errata) as when the buyer “downloads” the pdf in their library, it’s always the most current version, not just the one they bought. Less of a p.i.t.a for the designer.

  8. Buying patterns through Ravelry is fantastic – I have bought quite a few myself !! I hope you do set up a Ravelry shop!!!!

    Happy New Year!!

  9. I buy a TON of patterns through ravelry. The paypal integration there is pretty seamless, and I really like the convenience. Plus I think the search functions on the site really help those just browsing to find new offerings.

  10. I have bought pattern from Ravelry, and I really like that they are saved in the library!
    It is easy too, and you get the pattern straigt away! Which also is good.
    I know you get the pattern from your shop right away too.

  11. The ease of ordering and storing has already been mentioned, so I’ll add this to the list;

    I prefer to buy patterns through Ravelry because it helps Ravelry as well as the designer.

    I say go for it!

  12. Whenever I have the option, I purchase patterns through ravelry. I like to have them in my pattern library, and I prefer that the pattern delivery fees go back into ravelry rather than to another processor.

  13. It’s great to hear that so many of you have had good experiences buying patterns through Ravelry. I would also love to hear the perspective of any designers who are selling through Ravelry, especially since they’re still technically in their “testing” phase.

    Also, I believe that as of now, Ravelry still isn’t taking any fees for sales, though I think that’s going to change soon. (So if you want to support them, you should think about donating!)

  14. I also want to add in my two cents about the Rav sales. I’ve purchased about five patterns on Rav and it has been very simple with no muss and fuss. It’s a simple mouse click to add the pattern to my rav cart, another click to pay through paypal where my bank info is already stored, and then bingo! The pattern is delivered to me in record time with an electronic receipt in case I ever need to prove proof of purchase. I love this method so much that it is a great incentive when I am looking for things to knit. I think you’ll really like adding your patterns to your designer profile as it really makes patterns more accessible and gives you a great advertising advantage when people come across your information.

  15. I’ve been selling patterns on Ravelry for 7 months now. It’s a snap – uploading patterns is easy and the paypal interface is seamless. From what I recall, setting up the store was pretty straight-forward. There is no fee to sell on Ravelry right now, but even if they do decide to add a fee I’d be happy to pay it. The exposure to that many knitters in one place is fabulous!

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