Looking for Testers

Update: Wow I’ve already gotten over 20 responses! I think I’ll have to close the window on testing volunteers for now, but I’ll post again if I find that I’m in need of a few more. Thank you to those who responded—you’ll hear from me soon!

Interested in testing Mochimochi Land patterns? I have a lot of new projects that will need testing soon, and I’m looking for volunteers!


Testing involves trying out one my new patterns and letting me know if you run into any typos, questions, or problems, then showing me your results and sharing your overall thoughts on the pattern (while keeping everything hush-hush until the pattern is released). Compensation comes in the form of free patterns!

If you would like to be a tester, and you are 18 or older, please send an email with a couple of low-resolution photos of projects that you’ve knitted (toys are preferable) to info@mochimochiland.com. Space is limited, so the sooner you email me with your photos, the better. Prior testing experience is great, but not required.

For those of you who are already on my testers list, expect to hear from me soon!

17 thoughts on “Looking for Testers

  1. Yes… I am 13 too and I would love to be a tester!!! Can we be a tester if like we get some sort of parental permission or something? I am very interested and I love to knit. I know I am capable of testing… I can show you but I am only 13.

  2. oh well I turn 18 in like 2 weeks and i’m working on my first toy right now which had a horrible pattern but i’m improving it perfectly

  3. Oh no, I was out all day and missed your call! I’d still love to be a tester, if you can possibly squeeze another one in…

  4. Me too, Anna!
    By the way, while its good to have experienced toy knitters on your team of Testers, I think its a good idea to include a few ‘green’ toy knitters (or knitters in general,) that way if, for example, there is something unclear in the pattern, they would spot it better. I think an experienced knitter would be used to some little discrepancies here and there in the wording/instructions/pattern and just work around it or thtough it without even realizing that there was a discrepancy.. lol… I hope this makes sense. ^_^
    This is why I would make a good test knitter… I spot a LOT of discrepancies in patterns (not yours yet– but then I have only 2 Dust Bunnies and a Looper under my belt thus far in my knitting career) and have contacted the designer through ravelry about them when I could.

  5. I’ll be 12 on the 24! Isn’t that like, close to 18? I’ve made some of your toys. Could you please overlook that little age thing?

  6. Gabby, Anla—I’m sorry for the annoying age requirement, but I had a few reasons for doing that. I’m really happy that you enjoy my patterns, though, and I know you’re both great knitters!

  7. Hello! I’ love to be a pattern tester. I am “Cox” on Ravelry and have made some of your stuff already. Thanks!

  8. I’d love to be a tester for you–I would send pix of the toys from your site I’ve made, but the granddaughter has them all I am a test knitter for Nomad Press’ Ethnic Knits series, and would LOVE to do more toys!

  9. I would love to be a tester…I know you have enough already, but please put me on a future list…


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