Godfrey the Groundhog Now Available!

Everyone’s second-favorite February holiday is fast approaching – it’s Groundhog Day on February 2nd, of course! Get ready to celebrate either the coming spring or six more awesome weeks of winter by knitting Godfrey the Groundhog, just added to the Mochimochi Shop! (He also makes a great gift for that other February holiday.)


This top hat-wearing rodent is easy to spot in the wild: just keep an eye out for a sophisticated-looking mound of dirt!

Techniques for this interactive knit include knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, I-cord, and mattress stitch.

Buy the pattern as a PDF download for $5 here!

7 thoughts on “Godfrey the Groundhog Now Available!

  1. So at first I really just thought it was a mound of dirt. Then I realized that wasn’t all, and found the whole thing to be freaking cute!

  2. I made a shadow just for Brianna’s version, but it would be cool if other people made their own shadows!

  3. He’s supercute – I just printed him out and although we don’t officially celebrate Groundhog Day here Downunder, I am going to!!

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