New Animal Collective

Animal Collective has a new album just out, Merriweather Post Pavilion. After listening to it a few times, my thoughts are that it’s very good, but not their best for me. I really liked the frenetic energy of 2007’s Strawberry Jam and the gorgeously complex sound of their older albums. Merriweather Post Pavilion is a bit more easy and domesticated, and the lyrics are much more understandable than in previous albums, which for me is actually a bit of a drawback. It doesn’t leave so much up to the imagination, if that makes sense.

But MPP seems like Animal Collective’s most accessible album to date, so it’s probably a great introduction to their music if you’re not already a fan.

If you are already a fan, here is some other music from 2008 that you might have missed and may like:

Visiter by The Dodos
I love the way they combine simple acoustic sound with fun complex rhythms.

Ice Cream Spiritual by Ponytail
It took me a while to be ready for the heavy guitars and high-pitched growling, but at one point I just got it, and really liked it. (The son of the president of the company I work for plays in the band, in the interest of full disclosure.)

The Evening Descends by Evangelicals
A little psychedelic, and different enough to hold my attention. Also, they’re from my home state of Oklahoma!