Mochimochi Ravelry Shop Now Open

Thanks in part to your input last month, I now have a pattern shop on Ravelry!


It was very easy to set up, and hopefully it will be just as easy for people to buy patterns there as it currently is on my website.

For now, my newest patterns, special offers, and free patterns will still only be available here at, so it’s a good idea to sign up to my mailing list for annoucements (just email or to check the blog frequently.

6 thoughts on “Mochimochi Ravelry Shop Now Open

  1. Awesome! Now you are even more accessible to the population. World domination is in sight, my friend. Get them one adorable knitted item at a time. :D

  2. Yay!!! Now the whole world can be taken over by Mochimochi’s!!!!!
    Oh, by the way, on the sausage dogs you wrote another!s instead of another’s.

  3. Oh, that’s something annoying that’s been happening when I convert Word files to pdfs lately—Preview sometimes turns apostrophes into exclamations points. I’m trying to convert the files differently now so that doesn’t happen. Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Fantastic news Anna – I check out your blog everyday anyway but it’s great to see you have a Rav shop at last!! All the best of luck with it!!

  5. Very cool. I love having the option of buying a pattern from Ravelry, because it keeps track of what I have access to (so I don’t have to open up 20+ PDFs in a folder to find one pattern).

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