A Shy Cory

Two months ago John set up a new 50-gallon fish tank in our living room and populated it with 25 cory catfish. They are too cute!

I just spent the past ten minutes trying to take their picture, but they’re a bit camera shy. The best I could do was a photo of a single cory at rest.


It doesn’t show up so well in the photo, but one of the cute things about corys is the way that their gills are pink, which makes them look like they’re always blushing.

You can see photos of all different kinds of corys at PlanetCatfish.

9 thoughts on “A Shy Cory

  1. I love catfish, used to have a banjo. One of my favorites is my upside down catfish.

  2. I love cory cats. When we used to keep tanks a few years back cory cats were a must in every fresh water tank. They have great personality and keep the tanks a little cleaner. I love how they make mini schools sometimes too, like they made a few friends and everyone else can just go do something else.

  3. I love Cory’s. i had a couple of bronze cory’s in with my cichlids i love the way they are always busy and when they find someting interesing in the gravel its heads down and tails wagging madly like a terrier down a hole!!! Yah for cory’s :)

  4. My Dad has a fish tank he is trying to set up, and I hope we can get some of those! We really enjoy fish, so thanks for the info! :)

  5. I have two paleatus corys in my tank, and they hang out with the yellow snail. I would love to see a larger picture of the whole tank!

  6. I once had a goldfish. Does that count? I don’t remember its name, but it lived for like a year…which was odd, ’cause most of my fish died shortly after they were bought….

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