Buggy Mobiles

Spring just can’t come fast enough, am I right?

Until the temperature stays above 50 degrees for consecutive days, we’ll have to settle for warm thoughts and spring-like images, like this charming Snails and Slugs mobile made by Ravelry user colala.



I want one of these for my bedroom!

You can make your own Snails and Slugs with this free pattern on the Mochimochi Blog.

Kate Jeffery also recently finished an outdoorsy mobile of her own, with cute bugs!



As I mentioned last month, you can get Kate’s dragonfly pattern for free on Ravelry.

3 thoughts on “Buggy Mobiles

  1. Thanks Anna! that snails and slugs one is wonderful, gives me some ideas for a few construction improvements… I saw yesterday that Spring Knitty also has a lovely mobile with birds, interesting construction too :)

  2. Wow I loved the slugs and snails patterns and seeing them made into this mobile has inspired me. They are so cute, I love snails but my DH hates them and cringes if I pick one up…so I’d better not knit them for him then! haha.

    thank you for making these patterns available to us :-)

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