Passion Pit

chunkofchangeJust heard Passion Pit on the All Songs Considered podcast about upcoming SXSW performances. It’s happy—a bit reminiscent of The Postal Service, except I think it will take much longer to tire of Passion Pit.

This is “Sleepyhead” from their album Chunk of Change. (Best not to look directly at the video for long though, because it’s super dizzying.)

I think I read that they’re coming out with another album in May. Can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Passion Pit

  1. I am a long-time reader first-time commenter…. I love all of your toys you make here. so very cool!
    But I have to comment about this song…my daughters who are 7 and 2 LOVE this song. Nothing is better than hearing my 2-year-old go around singing in her words ” Seepy-H-e-a-d, Seepy-H-e-a-d! ” :o)

  2. This might be a dumb question, but is the All Songs Considered thing on NPR? I think they have one on there but I was just wondering. Thanks!

  3. cool song and video.
    I RSS your site as I love your characters and other blogs mutterings – unfortunately I crochet so haven’t tired any of your patterns… love the grass one though! lol might have to try that one at some point.

    think I might have to find out about this group – I’m so tired of my old music and only seem to know people who follow the top 40 (UK) so it’s nice to find something I’ve not heard of before.

    love your illustrator drawing – I’m learning that at the moment and you are obviously a natural!

    ta for the link to cool music

  4. Oooh – lovely, I’ll have to see if they’re on Spotify when I get home. I need some new music to see me thorugh an evening of photo editing after Maker Faire.


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