Is it a little late in the season for planting seeds?


This one has already started growing feet!

22 thoughts on “Seedy

  1. So adorable! My garden is sprouting like crazy – he’d be perfect company for all my little plants!

  2. Oh so cute….and you could do all kinds of different little leaves…monocot (one leaf) vs. dicot (two leaves), different shaped leaves, different color leaves…

  3. Thank you, all—I was not expecting such nice feedback!

    I didn’t write down the pattern as I went, but it’s simple enough that I think I could write it up pretty easily when I have some time.

  4. You know, that might not be so hard to execute, purpgee2000. I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I would like to squeeze this pattern in soon if I can!

  5. I think I’ll start on that soon.
    Unless you wanted to do it…
    Anyways, I’ll let you know if it works out!
    I foresee a bundle of seedy joy in the future.

  6. Awwwww! So cute! I can already see putting a bunch of them in a pretty pot sticking out of felt dirt and giving it as a gift! Nicely done Anna!

  7. Aww! Is there a pattern for it? This might be one plant I can take care of. And, I’d make one for my little cousin. Cute and small enough so she’ll like it, and plant-looking enough that she won’t eat it. AWESOME!

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