It’s a Mochimochi Quiz Contest!

How about a fun contest?

My mother-in-law Bonney loves knitting so much that sometimes she buys multiples of the same knitting books without even noticing! I helped her sort through her books recently, and Bonney generously suggested that I give away some of her duplicates on my blog. How nice! She’s also throwing in a couple skeins of nice yarn from her stash.


While we’re at it, the winner will also get two free patterns from the Mochimochi Shop!

To enter, copy the below quiz into an email with the word “QUIZ” in the subject line, add your answers, and send it to by midnight (Eastern time) on Friday, May 8. (DO NOT LEAVE ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE!) John and I will randomly draw a winner from those who answered all ten questions correctly.

We’ll email the winner for their mailing address over next weekend, so be sure to check your email if you enter. Good luck!

qmark1. What is Boo’s second-favorite word?

2. Which of these has Anna NOT knitted?: musical notes, a lamp, a campfire, a couch, a finger

3. What activity among toys was captured in the winning photo in the 2008 Mochimochi Photo Contest?

4. Which Mochimochi Land pattern inspired an entire spinoff blog?

5. What does Tums want from you?

6. What aside from squirrels and snails were attacking Anna’s knitted cities?

7. What toy is featured in the Mochimochi logo?

8. Which of these holiday-themed patterns debuted completely out of season?: Luvgun, Mochimochi Reindeer, Boo

9. Which gadget can help you stack cats if you don’t knit them?

10. What do Bobs use to do their secret handshake?

12 thoughts on “It’s a Mochimochi Quiz Contest!

  1. The answers don’t have to be in complete sentences, right? All of my teachers make me write in complete sentences and I just wanted to check. Thanks! :)

  2. Sent in my answers! This is a great quiz! Just what I needed for my Monday!

  3. I don’t think I’ll be entering but I would love to get an update on Bonney’s stash.

  4. I’m surprised by how many of these I know off the top of my head! but reassured by the fact that I can’t answer all of them!!

  5. Although I know some answers off the top of my head, others must be in posts before I started reading your blog regularly. Too bad I don’t have enough time to find the answers before the contest closes.
    I did want to ask you to pop by my blog if you can find a moment – my daughter has sketched a comic called Slugworthy & Evil Snail (inspired by your Snails and Slugs pattern). Hope you find it as humorous as I did!

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