Quiz Answers!

Update: Congratulations to Megan for getting all ten answers right and being randomly selected as the winner!!

OK, it’s now midnight in NY, so the quiz contest is now closed for entries. The participation was super! We got 53 entries, out of which 26 were all correct and eligible for the drawing of books and yarn and Mochimochi Land patterns. Thank you to all who entered! We will randomly pick a winner this weekend, so if you entered, be sure to check your email.

Interested in seeing the answers? Here they are!

epoint1. What is Boo’s second-favorite word?


2. Which of these has Anna NOT knitted?: musical notes, a lamp, a campfire, a couch, a finger

A Lamp (musical notes, campfire, couch, finger)

3. What activity among toys was captured in the winning photo in the 2008 Mochimochi Photo Contest?

Two Stackable Cats played checkers with slugs!

4. Which Mochimochi Land pattern inspired an entire spinoff blog?

Which Came First—specifically, the chicken legs. (Gardienne, let’s have some new posts!)

5. What does Tums want from you?

Candy, of course!

6. What aside from squirrels and snails were attacking Anna’s knitted cities?

Giant mushrooms

7. What toy is featured in the Mochimochi logo?


8. Which of these holiday-themed patterns debuted completely out of season?: Luvgun, Mochimochi Reindeer, Boo

Luvgun debuted in August ’07!

9. Which gadget can help you stack cats if you don’t knit them?

The iPhone (I didn’t mean for this one to be so hard—sorry!)

10. What do Bobs use to do their secret handshake?

Their snouts!

This was fun, right? We’ll have to do it again sometime!

13 thoughts on “Quiz Answers!

  1. Yay! I’m pretty sure I got them all right! I’m really glad I discovered the chicken legs blog, it’s really funny.

  2. I accidentally looked at when Anna first showed Luvgun, rather than when the pattern was released. So I picked Mochimochi Reindeer instead.

  3. Whoops! I think I skipped the one about the spinoff blog, because I just couldn’t remember and then I didn’t go back and find it in my search before I sent it in. Maybe I did it right. Sometimes I surprise myself!

  4. Hi all, maybe it’s not showing up on your page for some reason, but I added an update to this post yesterday announcing that Megan was the winner!

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