Toy from Prague

A friend who just returned from Prague got me the neatest souvenir there!


I’m a bit Czech myself, and I think I can see some resemblance….

6 thoughts on “Toy from Prague

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww! Very cute! I’ve always wanted to go there…
    …the farthest I have been is Germany. (My mom is 1st generation German)

  2. How cute she is!! I have always wanted to see Prague too!! As for resemblances – you are both slim and look very pretty in your dresses !!

  3. Oh is it a she? I have a bad habit of assuming that all toys are male. Even pink and frilly ones!

  4. I guess you are right there !! He/she/whatever is a toy after all and one never knows with toys!!

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