Disembodied Arms

These used to be arms that turned out to be not the right size for what I was making. I’ve kept them around for some reason, then one of them picked up a pair of eyes somewhere. Strange!


They seem to be somewhere between arms and little creatures now, so I’m having trouble throwing them away or frogging them.

11 thoughts on “Disembodied Arms

  1. I agree with Emily, they remind me of mice! Like they have a tail, and all they need are little felt ears!

  2. Maybe I’m sick-minded, but I totally saw happy little sperm… xD Which, now that I think of it, would be hilarious and cute.

  3. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with the little creatures. I wouldn’t be able to throw them away either.

  4. The brown ones could be mice, the yellow ones could be the center of a flower, just need to knit petals to go around them. The pink ones….hmm…not sure, ta-ta’s?? Good luck!

  5. I like Lyndzi’s idea! Of course, I would attach them all together and have a ball of arms (one of my friends once found a ball of hands and a second one of feet… very odd).

  6. I totally saw earless mice!

    Ummm, “ta-tas”?!?! I dont think Ive ever seen such cylindrical ta-ta’s before, XD

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