Tiny Tin

Finding neat things you had forgotten you had is fun.

I just re-discovered this cute little Aranzi Aronzo tin that I got in Japan last year.


And I also discovered that it makes the perfect stitch marker holder!


No longer will my stitch markers be spilling all over the floor every time I get one out to use. At least that is my hope.

10 thoughts on “Tiny Tin

  1. I do the same thing. I have an altoids tin that has stitch markers, folding scissors and a measuring tape. It’s nice having that in my current knitting project, and not so nice when I have 5 projects all wanting the same little kit!

  2. I love using little tins like this for stitch markers! Especially Sanrio ones! It’s nice not to have to constantly be searching for them since I “bag” up most projects! A tin for every bag!!!

  3. @purpgee2000
    I think I have the same book!!! I bought it last time U have been in Japan and I made some bags from it, when I still had my mom’s sewing machine.
    I love that book! Have you ever been on their site? I’d buy everything! ^_^

  4. Such a cute tin! Finding things that you didn’t remember you had is like finding money in the pocket of a pair of jeans or a winter coat you have not worn in a long long time.

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