Could these be the ugliest flip flops of all time?


Yes, they are flip flops, and yes they were found at a thrift store, but still.

At Value Thrift Store in Tulsa. Which now has a fancy website!

8 thoughts on “Flops

  1. Wait! My Mom has been to that store! Her friend lives there, and she took her there She bought me a shirt that said “Got BBQ?” on the front with a pig on it. On the back it says “Papa Tom’s BBQ in Bixby, OK. So good it’s bad” Hahahaha! I wear that shirt to bed a lot! ;)

  2. I got a great pair of sunglasses there for a dollar. White plastic, shiny reflective, with a beach scene and palm trees on the lenses. you never know!

  3. The flip flops are like bunny slippers for summer. That you wear outdoors. That are ugly.

  4. Ummm… so. Looks like I am the only person who finds these remotely cute??

    Wait, this post is under the “Not so Cute” category! Forget I said they’re remotely cute!!

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