My Sister’s Invites

I recently had the honor of designing my sister’s invitations for her upcoming wedding, and I just saw the results in print for the first time!


We had them printed by Pinball, an excellent company whom I’d previously seen do a beautiful printing job on projects for CWC-i. The envelopes are from Jam Paper and are made of recycled Kraft paper.

It’s so exciting to see my design printed so nicely! It’s also exciting that my sister is getting married.

12 thoughts on “My Sister’s Invites

  1. Those are beautiful! I sometimes wish I could have done better invites for our wedding, but we were a fairly low budget operation (I just didn’t have quite enough technical skills to feel confident about doing it on my own).

  2. Those are really beautiful! Your sister is lucky to have you do them.

    We were married a long time ago, when you went to the printer and chose things out of big fat books. Still can’t believe I chose lilac paper, but I was very into purple way back then.

  3. Thanks so much for the nice comments! I am really proud of how the invites turned out. Now I just need more friends to get engaged so that I can convince them to let me do more!

  4. Those are really nice invites, you could really start a business there. That and the elephant plates.

    Yay for your sister. If you are helping with other ideas to, the decorations will be subtle yet memorable

  5. Thank you for the encouragement David! I would love to do more design work. Fortunately, I already have Mochimochi Land to design a few things for as a start.

    I would love to do the decorations for the wedding, but I think if I was allowed to go crazy my sister might end up with something a little bizarre, like silly monsters on all the tables…

  6. Hi, I’m the slacker sister who is just now reading this and commenting…
    Wait, does this mean that you would like to do the decorations?? I think those dandelions would look awesome as centerpieces!

    Seriously, I am so, so happy with how the invitations turned out. Having you do the invitations was also an excellent excuse to get to talk with you a lot, which I love. They are absolutely beautiful, and Anna not only designed them but also helped pick out the paper weight, made sure it was recycled, and found color chips so I could see true colors before they went to print. Anna is the consummate professional, even when she’s working with family!

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