Gospel with Your Acrylic Yarn?

In the past I’ve had trouble finding the right Oklahoma souvenirs for my New York friends, but Hobby Lobby came through for me on my last trip with Testamints, sugar-free gum that is officially holier than whatever gum you’ve been chewing!


I had heard of these before, so probably they’re not unknown, but I thought it was extra great that they were available where I was shopping for polyester stuffing. And according to the Testamints website, they are currently ONLY available at Hobby Lobby (and online via Oriental Trading Co).

What makes this gum special is not, as you might think, a Christian message printed on each piece of gum, but instead it’s just a Bible verse printed on the back of the package. So the idea is that you have to give whole packages of gum away to spread the word, and not just a piece. Sweet Jesus that’s clever.

16 thoughts on “Gospel with Your Acrylic Yarn?

  1. Oh funny it’s real! Now I want a chocolate crucifix-shaped candy bar called Sweet Jesus. Surely that exists too.

  2. Yeah. In Cali there’s a place called Powell’s in Lafayette. It has Sin-amints, and Atone-mints. They don’t taste great. They also have other comedy candies.

  3. Anna, be careful–you may alienate some of your Christian fans. Even though a lot of us have great senses of humor, some of the commentary here is a bit “tasteless.” Poking The market for so-called “Christian” items is a big one and manufacturers certainly aren’t stupid, though they cross the line into bizarre on many occasions! If you want to find loads of bizarre religious items, Oriental Trading Company (much as I like their company) has a treasure trove of them and even has a religious items catalog. The irony perhaps is that these items are being made in China.

  4. I’ve seen the mints (not the gum) in a bowl at a bookstore, and they have the Bible verse printed right on each individual wrapper. When we’re offered gum, people often pass around the pack. . . maybe it’s not intended that purchasers have to give away the whole box. The real goal is for people to be able to witness in a non-threatening manner. To be honest, I personally think they’re silly, though.

  5. Thank you for your comment, Melissa. I like to keep the tone light around here, and I don’t think anybody has intended any disrespect. My sister is a Presbyterian minister, so I certainly don’t seek to alienate my Christian readers, or readers of any faith.

  6. You should bring some of Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee yarn home for your knitting friends. They’re keeping novelty yarn alive over there.

  7. (Minister speaking here) Laugh away! Lord knows we need a little more laughter in this world.

  8. Most humble apologies to everyone. My intention was not to offend, but merely enlighten. I will try my best to restrain myself from commenting in the future.

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