Tiny Brain

I am tentatively dedicating the month of July to the knitting of tiny things. I don’t have a plan for these tiny things except to challenge myself to make as many new ones as I can. Because everyone loves tiny things!

The first tiny thing is a Tiny Brain.


He thinks he’s so much smarter than me because he didn’t just spend the last two hours knitting something small and inconsequential.

Update: Thank you to Becky at the CRAFT Blog for posting the brain!

19 thoughts on “Tiny Brain

  1. That is amazing! I need a brain. Is there any sort of pattern/guideline to it? I have at the moment two ruffles joined together for the hemispheres of the brain I’m making, but that one looks awesome, better than mine.

  2. Ruffles seem like a good technique to use. I made a really long I-cord and bunched it up, tacking it together as I went.

    Depending on how the “tiny” project goes, it’s possible that I’ll put together some of the tiny designs as a combo pattern pack later. We’ll see!

  3. How could you NOT love a tiny knitted brain? It’s adorable! I hope you do a tiny pattern (maybe pack???) I’d LOVE it! I wish I could see more of what your inspiration is – even if it’s a notepad with scribbles. I just love seeing the process as well as the finished result. Super cute tiny toy brain!

  4. Use an extra loop of yarn and put it on a keychain, or cellphone charm, or zipper pull…
    Or make a charm bracelet out of a themed group (or not) of Tinys.

  5. Kari, I do have a notebook full of scribbles, but they’re pretty ugly! Unlike my toys, my drawings are very not cute, so I try to hide it from everyone.

    It’s turned out to be a little funny that I made a brain today, because I’ve had a headache for most of the day after finishing it!

  6. ROFL!! Good lord, you crack me up! I wish I had a fraction of your creativity!

  7. A tiny brain… CUTE! Did you know 4 out of 3 people admit they are not good at fractions?

  8. It is lovely. The idea of a combo of tiny knits is a wonderful one, as I’m currently addicted to my 2 mm dpns.

  9. yet again i must tell you how much i love your knitting!
    you are hilarious and i love you

  10. Omg! How is it you can come up with such cute things? xD I love him! He’s adorable! (ok, I’ll stop using exclamation marks now…!!!)

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