Tiny Volcano

The second tiny thing is a Tiny Volcano.


He is sad because all of the villagers are running away. But also happy because now he can destroy their village.

19 thoughts on “Tiny Volcano

  1. how nice of him to make sure the villagers have fled before he destroys their village!

  2. Okay, you have got to give us the pattern for this one – my 9 year old daughter is obsessed with volcanoes and plans to be a volcanologist when she grows up. She would FLIP if I made this for her. I could earn the best mom points ever.

  3. Now I want microscopic villagers, too. Ones with spears and little grass skirts. How small can you knit, Anna? And teensy palm trees, we need those, too.

    I love it!!! : )

  4. Any chance of doing a few knitted victims of Pompeii? They would be all one color I guess but the positions would be endless.

  5. If you turned it upside down it would be barfing! Cute. Pattern for any tiny things?

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