Tiny Record Player

The eighteenth tiny thing is a Tiny Record Player.


Life in the attic isn’t so bad, but he often wishes he had something other than the Partridge Family to keep him company.

This suggestion came from ~Plu~, so she gets a free pattern today! Thanks ~Plu~!

31 thoughts on “Tiny Record Player

  1. He is sweet just like the music he plays(hopefully) What about a tiny tooth? or a tiny shovel?

  2. And how about a baby buttercup?! Or a baby tulip so it could Tiptoe Through the Tulips atop the Tiny Record Player.

  3. If I may ask, what type of yarn do you use, and what size needles? Also, I suggest a Tiny Pair of Mismatching Socks! ;)

  4. Well, for my age, it would be more like a tiny iPod…in PURPLE (my favorite color)!

  5. i love the record player, and all the other tiny things for that matter. I think a tiny pinecone, a tiny grahmaphone (it could be the record players best friend,) a tiny dragon, or a tiny skeleton would all be really cute

  6. oh, how adorable. I love all the tiny things, though I had to catch up (the last one I had seen was the computer).

    What about a tiny watering can to sprinkle the weeds with?

  7. This is totally adorable (I missed the last two days, but my friend and I just squeed over the tiny violin).

    A tiny samurai hat (like the origami) would be cute too!

  8. these have to be the cutest things i have ever seen!!! i’m not sure which is my favorite…. what about making a tiny canon camera? or a tiny computer? how about a really tiny turtle? again very cute!!!

  9. oh, i just got a divine insperation! what about a tiny buddah or a tiny gargoyle (not so hevenly but still cute!!)

  10. OOOOO! how about a tiny piano! Are you going to make August the 2nd month of tiny things (hint hint) ;)

  11. A tiny car.. or truck. Or something of that sort. One thats been in an accident with a buckled hood and a very sad face.

  12. Thanks everyone for your continued suggestions! My list of tiny things to knit is getting longer and longer… I feel like I could just keep doing it forever and not run out of things!

    Jessie, I’ve been using mostly Koigu yarn (with some Alchemy mixed it for color reasons) and size 1 or 1.5 needles.

  13. I’m loving these how can you make evry day obkects cute? make them tiny of course
    Anna your a geneius loving the work.
    My suggestion is to do a little cloud with a rainbow popping out, promise i won’t make any jokes about the cloud eating too many skittles!!!!

  14. Oh God! You are killing me! Love it!
    What about a tiny tardis? U know for that geek we all know and love :p or a tiny light saber? Oh i know a tiny Honduras! Less messy and far more hopeful that the actual poor, conflicted and actually tiny country! (some cheering up would come on handy during this dark times!)

  15. how about a tiny panda? i’d love to knit one for my mom to keep with her in her purse.. :)

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