Tiny Box of Tissues

The seventeenth tiny thing is a Tiny Box of Tissues.


Knowing their days are numbered, they wince at every sneeze.

Yvonne suggested it first in the comments, but then Kimberly made me laugh with her rhyme (“Think of all the ‘issues’ a box of tissues could have”), so they both get free patterns!

13 thoughts on “Tiny Box of Tissues

  1. Okay how about a tiny pencil for those of us who “Lead Pencil Club” members who long for the days of freshly sharpened #2s and a brand new yellow pad?! The box of tissues bring a tear to my eyes–mind if I borrow one?!

  2. I wrote this before, but I really think you need to make a tiny garden gnome! It could hide among your weeds!! :)

  3. This insomniac would like to see a little carton of milk and a cookie, to help ease the unsleepies!

  4. Encore Encore! Please tell me your going to continue the month of tiny things until the end of August!!!!!
    how about a :
    hot pepper
    ink cartridge
    broken pen

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