Tiny Violin

The sixteenth tiny thing is a Tiny Violin.


He doesn’t care about your problems. (But the bow does!)

Reader Mildawg managed to read my mind on this one, so Mildawg gets a free pattern!

18 thoughts on “Tiny Violin

  1. heeheehee! :D i love the strings!

    p.s. did someone already say tiny godzilla? or tiny mt. fuji? i also would love to see a tiny giant redwood… :)

  2. Looking really cool! How about a little train engine? As in the little train that couldn’t because, it was far to small to get on the train tracks :)

  3. Very cute. This tiny violin could play the perfect song to go along with someone’s whine. Can we get some cheddar?


  4. I am so in love with all these tiny things – so much fun!

    Seeing the “free” strands of yarn on this violin makes me think it would be fun to do a tiny jelly fish with little strands hanging down …. :)

  5. These are adorable! I’m loving this tiny series! What about a tiny snowman, or bookshelf, or faerie? OH! or a tiny piggy bank :)

  6. That is so full of win. I need one of those to pull out when one of my students is going on and on about some problem they have that they brought upon themselves but still believe entitles them to an extension or some other things-I-don’t-give.

    I could pull it out, and they’d say, “What’s that?”

    And I would say, “It’s the tiniest violin in the world….”

  7. How cute! You could make an entire orchestra as a future project.

    A diamond? Or a crown? Or a guillotine? (I’ve been reading The Other Boleyn Girl.)

  8. He may not care about my problems, but I care about his! Poor little guy is missing a string. I love this little guy–I spent a lot of my youth loving and hating my violin.

  9. these tiny things are such a joy to look at! hee..hw abt a tiny guitar or drumset?=) a guitar would be pretty similar to a violin i suppose..maybe a electric guitar for some rock punk?!=P

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