Tiny Ghost

The fifteenth tiny thing is a Tiny Ghost.


A whole apartment is too big for him, so for now he is haunting my hand.

I thought someone had suggested a ghost in the comments…but I guess not!

19 thoughts on “Tiny Ghost

  1. He looks like he just stepped out of a pac man game. You should make him a tiny pacman/miss pacman to keep him company and then he can haunt them.

  2. These are so cute!!! I’ve been following along!!! I think you should do one of the great Pyramids of Egypt in tiny form… or an owl!

  3. I look forward to a tiny new surprise everyday. I was thinking maybe you can start on a tiny star. You put a smile on my face everyday. Thank You

  4. So cute! Makes me want to whip out my thin yarns and tooth pick knitting needles!

    I’d love to see a toaster!

  5. Oh, that ghost is cute. If only he had a little house to haunt.
    I have been loving the tiny series. they are all too cute.
    Some suggestions: tiny galaxy, tiny moose, or tiny loon. Or a tiny ray gun (I don’t know if some has suggested this or not, but who doesn’t love ray guns!)

  6. Hey–Did you see Ligia’s idea on the 21st of making a tiny coffin? It would go with the ghost, be great for Halloween and you could have the top of the box open to reveal a tiny corpse (very fresh, of course) or a lift-out vampire. I do so love the ghost! Reminds me of the little kleenex things the neighbors hang in the tree branches around here every October.

  7. Please post the pattern for the tiny ghost. I would buy it in a heartbeat. It would look so cute with my boo bats this Halloween.

    Please Make Tiny List:
    tiny unicorn
    tiny rotary dial telephone
    tiny caterpillar
    tiny umbrella
    tiny judge
    tiny popsicle (twin pop or single)
    tiny popcorn kernel (they are so cute to begin with)

  8. I would LOVE this as a pattern. When my son was little, his imaginary friends were baby ghost, tiny ghost, mama ghost, and a cast of hundreds of other ghosts–sometimes our back seat would be magically filled with ghosts! They were all as friendly as your Tiny Ghost! This one just touches my heart and brings back such fond memories–I didn’t get to post my comment yesterday as I was caring for my son’s darling sweet daughter…maybe I’ll have to tell her the stories of baby ghost and tiny ghost! :) Please, please, please Anna–give us a pattern for this one! :)

  9. Tiny Zombie? Mummy? Common cold virus? Flu virus? Weird owl? Dinosaur? (PS- Rawr means I love you in dinosaur!)

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