Tiny Ice Cream

The fourteenth tiny thing is a Tiny Ice Cream.


The cone is wishing that he had ordered a single.

SylverX was the first commenter to suggest ice cream, so she gets a free pattern! Thanks, SylverX!

37 thoughts on “Tiny Ice Cream

  1. Its cute :) How about mini versions of anything you have in the shop i.e. mini-tums mini-looper etc.

  2. What about a mini truck? ice cream truck, freight truck, cement truck… for some reason I have trucks on the brain today :)

  3. I was thinking about a cement truck earlier, so I might give that a try at some point, though I haven’t really figured out how I would do it.

    As for mini versions of my other patterns, that sounds like fun! I’m also having fun doing random things for now, so maybe that’s something I’ll tackle at a later time… we’ll see!

  4. Definitely too cute to eat! Although the cone is bearing up under the added pressure of three scoops quite well!

  5. I would love to see a mini milk carton! These mini things are fantabulous. I’ve made myself, my niece and nephew so many squee things from mochi mochi land. Thank you for the great patterns.

  6. I love your tiny’s. Ever though of doing a tiny coffee?? Maybe with some cookies to go along :)I’m a coffee-addict and seeing one as a tiny would be so funny. Marion

  7. Maybe you should make a slice of cake to go with the ice cream. The tiny things are very cute!!
    You could try a tiny:
    piece of watermelon
    tomato or tomato plant

    love all the tiny things!

  8. I was a little behind, but I’m all caught up now! They’re all so cute!

    And I have some ideas!
    Tiny Book
    Tiny Dragon
    Tiny Birthday Cake (with candle)
    Tiny Slice of Cake/Pie
    Tiny Pencil
    Tiny Person

    I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  9. How about:
    tiny camera
    tiny waffle
    tiny frying pan
    tiny stroller
    tiny paint set
    tiny cheeseburger meal
    tiny germ
    tiny microscope
    tiny tiny bench
    tiny rug ( he’s sad that people walk all over him )
    tiny bug
    tiny tape (that isn’t sticky)
    tiny water bottle
    tiny bagel
    tiny gas pump
    tiny skyscraper
    tiny game system
    tiny baby
    tiny versions of your toys as baby’s! ( except for pundit baby’s, of course )
    tiny avacoto
    tiny apracot
    tiny nuts ( walnut pecan etc. )

  10. I think a tiny shirt on a hanger or a pair of pants on a hanger would be cool. Or maybe a little telephone..

  11. Yesterday I read your blog from beginning till end. I had a really fun time thank you very much.

    The tiny ice cream is really adorable!
    My suggestion for the next one is a waffle.

    Thanks again,

  12. Love these!

    How about a tiny suit of armor or maybe a teeny gorilla? Something thats supposed to be big and strong but tiny instead.

  13. I have a list of the best ever tiny things, but I’m gonna just keep it for myself. Now, on to Braum’s for a tripple dip!

  14. A tiny computer! I want to see a tiny computer! I know they are tiny, but I’m still impressed at how quickly you can whip this up!

  15. Yeah um, dont’ mind me. How about amnesia, or short-term memory loss…can you do tiny versions of those? I have the large version in my brain. I saw your tiny computer already! How about a tiny brain? (Just kidding ;) )

  16. Hi! I’m not sure if anyone’s suggested this, but maybe you could make a tiny shark? :D I’ve scoured the web a million times, but I’ve never seen a single shark pattern–and if anyone can do it, you can! I love your stuff! :)))

  17. how about a tiny stack of pancakes with a tiny pad of butter and maple syrup. How can you tell I’m Canadian?

    or a little tiny baby beaver!

  18. I don’t mean to be morbid, but how about a mini coffin? (I’m a Mortuary Science Student).

    Or a Mini-Yeti! Or a mini-owl?

  19. Love the tiny things!

    How about a tiny Eiffel tower or a tiny molecule (which I guess would be a giant molecule) or a tiny package or letter or a tiny pocketwatch or a tiny box of crayons or a tiny wheelbarrow carrying dirt…

  20. I love the tiny Eiffel Tower idea. I’m also a huge fan of science toys so any science related creatures are fantastic.

  21. tiny watermelon
    tiny pineapple
    tiny blueberry
    tiny raspberry
    tiny cherry
    tiny chocolate bar

  22. Ok, this time i really know what i want to see.

    I want to see, a tiny box of tissues. Think of all the ‘issues’ a box of tissues could have LOL

  23. I love the tiny ice cream cone!!!

    What about a tiny rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it or a tiny slurpee?

  24. he reminds me of those stuffed germs you buy at museums… like salmonella and stuff. I bought one yesterday, the common cold. it’s blue and pretty. but eho else would spend $9 on the common cold?

  25. I love these! Have you thought about more knitted musical instruments – a bassoon for example ;-)

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