Tiny Armadillo

The thirteenth tiny thing is a Tiny Armadillo.


He doesn’t know what to do with himself since he isn’t dead on the side of the road.

This one is dedicated to my dad, who has been requesting a knitted armadillo for years!

43 thoughts on “Tiny Armadillo

  1. OMG!! MY FAVE!!!

    How about:
    tiny fruit bowl
    tiny aquarium
    tiny bicycle
    tiny skyscraper
    tiny fan
    tiny window (who wants a new view)
    tiny toast
    tiny grill
    tiny burger/steak
    tiny money/credit card/wallet
    tiny banana bunch

  2. Cute. I grew up in Amarillo, TX. That’s their unofficial mascot. Seriously the purl bumps make a great shell.

  3. Thanks Anna! I’ve never seen one right-side up before. They’re really cute! I wonder why so many live by the road? Thanks for a long time wish granted. Love, Papa

  4. I love this one too!! Some more ideas of me:
    A tiny usb-stick, whale (i think this one deserves it the most i think, it’s the biggest living thing on earth), a tiny mold/microbe, or what would be cool to, a tiny monument (taj mahal, eiffel tower, big ben, piramid, borobudur).

    Whatever you make, you make my day with every single one of them :D

  5. A little owl? Please? They’re my fave.

    Hmmm…so many good ideas, I bet all mine have already been mentioned:

    (In addition to owl)
    Tiny house
    Tiny sheep
    Tiny juice
    Tiny wheelie bin
    Tiny flower
    Tiny juice
    Tiny umberella
    Tiny Stackable Cats
    Tiny Pile-able Pups

    Heck, if you don’t make the last three, I certainly will!!!

  6. I just discovered your site and blog recently. I love your patterns! I have been enjoying your tiny things you’ve come up with so far. I just died of laughter when I saw the caption for this one. I did a cross country trip and saw so many dead armadillos in LA and TX. I was so bummed that I’ve only seen squished armadillos. This little guy is soooooo cute!! I am with everyone else who is begging for patterns, these are awesome!

    How about…

    a tiny pony
    a tiny record player
    a tiny frog
    s tiny chicken
    s tiny lunchbox and thermos

  7. Adorable, again.

    What about a tiny:

    school bus
    dump truck
    palm tree
    beehive/comb (with or without teensy bees to go with)
    VW beetle
    picnic basket
    ice cream cone
    train (engine, freight car, passenger car, caboose, monorail, etc)

  8. how about:

    tiny tv
    tiny bag w/ burger and fries
    tiny silverware
    tiny plate
    tiny soda can
    tiny pan w/ food cooking
    tiny wagon
    tiny vespa
    tiny fridge
    tiny oven

  9. The texture and the ears are divine.
    Great job! I look forward to checking my feeds every day because of your tiny creations.

  10. Must come out of lurk mode to say that armadillo is awesome!!! Now he needs a tiny horned toad friend and and aardvark too! Lots of great ideas being posted. Love the tiny stuff, love it!!!

  11. I don’t know what’s the cutest one. Every day I think that days is the cutest one.

    This one is really, really darn cute, though. And very excellently designed and executed.

  12. Love it!

    I don’t know if this has been suggested yet, but what about a tiny coffee pot and tiny cup of coffee?

    I have to say, I find myself eagerly awaiting the next day’s tiny thing….just love it.

  13. Tiny versions of:
    toilet paper
    Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse
    Sausage Dogs
    And some of my other ideas:

    tiny bottle of pills
    tiny net
    tiny hair brush
    tiny tape & tape recorder
    tiny video ( He’s sad because everyone likes dvds better )
    tiny laptop
    tiny box of matches
    tiny broken glass ( as in what you drink out of)
    tiny broken sunglasses
    tiny picture
    tiny toybox
    tiny moldy bread ( my favorite )
    tiny keybord
    tiny sun
    tiny tote
    tiny garbage truck
    tiny dumpster
    tiny bed
    tiny desk
    tiny rusty nail
    tiny wasp
    tiny fly
    Please please please choose one (or more) of my ideas!!!! :)

  14. Oooooo!!!!! I’d love a pattern for that little guy! I finally saw a live one this past June, must have been his big brother.

    pretty please :)

  15. My aunt totally loves armadillos. How about:

    tiny coral reef with fish an crabs and shrimp and anemone

  16. A tiny weber grill!

    A tiny T-rex!

    A tiny SUV!

    A tiny french fry box!

    A tiny box cheese grater!

  17. Hi,
    I’m a big fan of Mochimochi land stuff, and I was hoping you could make the following:

    tiny cat (or kitty, as the case may be.)
    tiny heart
    tiny book

    That’s all…pretty lame, but most “good” ones are gone.

  18. Those are good suggestions, C4K — in fact, Anna has already made one of them! Tiny hearts were among the first Mochimochi Land creations.

  19. i love your tiny things! here are some of my suggestions:
    tiny lamp
    tiny fan
    tiny chandelier
    tiny bottle of cleaner
    tiny sponge
    tiny hood ornament
    or a tiny street sign

  20. I love your blog and these gorgeous tiny things. Although gorgeous doesn’t seem like the right word. To bad. They are. Will have to knit myself a tiny ‘puter too.

    What about a tiny swine flu virus? I think one of his relatives has moved in at our house. (cough cough )

  21. i was thinking, maybe you could make tiny nailpolish bottle, or a tiny hair-dryer – that’d be funny

    or a tiny oven (that eats things) or microwave

  22. Not sure if any of these have already been suggested:

    tiny dragon
    tiny unicorn
    tiny Pegasus
    tiny headless horseman
    tiny 4 horsemen of the apocalypse
    tiny guitar
    tiny polyhedral dice

  23. My favourite so far. The knitted texture suits him so well. I also like the computer with mouse. I’ve made a tiny world globe before in paper over a foam ball (a bit smaller than a golf ball) and that was pretty challenging. I didn’t appreciate how many islands make up Canada until doing that.

  24. Hi Anna,

    I concur with all the above– great miniatures!
    The armadillo is adorable! Have you seen Don the Dillo on Ravelry? I downloaded him months ago. He is super-cute! Would make a great big -er, gigantic brother for your dillo. The pattern is free! Best of all, he even can roll into his shield. My oldest son has requested one.

    He is designed by gabytheriault on Ravelry.

    Hope this helps! ^_^

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