Tiny Earth

The twelfth tiny thing is a Tiny Earth.


He spends most of his time trying to get the tiny continents to quit talking all at once.


Antarctica (bottom right) is the only one who ever listens, of course.

Thank you all for the great suggestions for tiny things! Your ideas are super helpful and inspirational, so please keep them coming in the comments. If I end up making the tiny thing that you suggest, you’ll get a free (not-tiny) pattern!

49 thoughts on “Tiny Earth

  1. A tiny puppy with a little leash…that would be so cute.

    Maybe a itty-bitty butterfly, with multicolored wings (like the yarn in the tornado).

    And maybe to go with that butterfly small flowers to pollinate (the puppy also likes to sniff them.

    Or a little couch for the puppy to sleep on!

  2. looking out my office gave me a few ideas. how about:

    a tiny bulldozer?

    a tiny park bench?

    a tiny street light or street sign?

    a tiny jackhammer?


  3. Tiny book? Oooo What about a tiny bookcase with tiny removable books…could possibly be too tiny?! Love the hoover….well I love them all! :)

  4. The little continents are precious!
    How about a tiny guitar? Drums? Any instrument! Take the old joke literally and make a tiny violin!

  5. A tiny violin has totally been on my list for days! I think I need to get a different shade of brown before I attempt it though.

  6. Love this tiny kick you are on. Hmm, how about a tiny monster with size issues or maybe a tiny house! Oh, I got it, a tiny monkey. Seriously, I saw a picture of a real monkey that was so small he could barely hold onto a man’s thumb! You could look it up, it was from Guiness World Records. Well, whatever you make, it’ll be awesome!

  7. Sorry if these are repeats:

    Tiny corded telephone
    Tiny Tsunami, Tiny Volcano, Tiny Lightning, Tiny Mudslide, Tiny Hurricane [I’m thinking as seen from above]
    Tiny Campfire
    Tiny Snow-topped Mountain
    Tiny Fruit Bowl
    Tiny Sandwich
    Tiny Oyster [pearl optional]
    Tiny Television
    Tiny Meteor

    Tiny Earth is amazing. Great job!

  8. I love tiny Earth! I’d love to see a tiny iPod. Or a tiny ball of yarn with a tiny set of needles (HOW you would do that is beyond me). Or a tiny Wii. Or a tiny Link (from the Legend of Zelda). Or . . .

  9. oy, those chattering continents (except Antarctica) would give me a global headache for sure!

    tiny dancer (to be held closer, haha)
    tiny scissors (that can’t cut yarn)
    tiny black hole
    tiny glass of spilled milk

  10. Now I’m going to think of tiny things for you to make – for now, how about a tiny moon to keep the earth company?

  11. I love the earth so much!

    I’m an Office Space geek, so I must suggest a tiny red stapler.

    tiny box of Kleenex
    tiny Rubik’s cube
    tiny ceiling fan
    tiny toilet

  12. I was just getting ready to type a tiny moon when I saw that someone beat me to it! How about a tiny rainbow? personally a tiny piece of lemon meringue pie would be nice too! Anna, you are providing us with endless summer delight!

  13. everything’s adorable. :D i was just about to say a toaster, but then i saw that danielle already mentioned it. >.< well, how about a tiny person, lamp, laptop, cupcake, ice cream, or shoes?

  14. oh poor tiny earth and his tiny headache! who knew such cute continents (except antartica) could be so inconsiderate… :)

    i would love a tiny volkswagon (new beetle, green of course)… oohooh, or a mini mini cooper! a tiny vespa or a tiny motorcycle with sidecar would be cute too! (can you tell i was on the highway all day?)

  15. I love tiny earth and also the tiny hoover! so cute!

    There are so many tiny things that haven’t been done yet…

    Tiny muppets with giant feet?
    Tiny spaceship?
    Tiny Ballet Shoes?
    Tiny mouse?(as in computer)
    Tiny Toast-complete with pat of butter?

    I’m such a big fan of your tiny thing already (I have a small army of snails living in my house) that I would totally love to see some of your patterns when you get all done with your tiny projects!

  16. These tiny things are awesome! I would love patterns of all of these :D

    A tiny house would be cool, or a cow! What about a carton of milk? PB&J! Ferris wheel! Train, I don’t know … ooh, bridge? Clock tower? Leg cast! I broke my wrist, so it’s on the mind, :D

    Anyway, keep up the awesome stuff!

  17. The tiny things are all so, so cute! I look forward to each new one! Some other things to make tiny – coffee pot, pickle jar, apartment building?

  18. Loving all the tinys especially tiny hoover.
    Tiny cup of tea/coffee was my first thought, then goldfish in a bowl. Danielle’s suggestion of tiny toast made me think of cinnamon toast crunch… maybe a good photo op. (Is that the name of the cereal? I’m an Australian, my expat American bf tells me about the food of his childhood when he gets drunk/homesick.)

  19. oh my gosh! i love the earth!! (and antarctica!!!)

    a tiny UFO would be pretty cool, or an alein lol
    or maybe a tiny giant squid ^_^ or an octopus!!

    or maybe a tiny house, or even better, a tiny lighthouse!!
    a tiny ship, maybe a sailboat! that’d be pretty cool!

  20. Tiny octopus ,tiny squid, tiny crab, tiny clam with pearl tiny something nautical :) And I’ll second tiny elephant that someone else suggested or any tiny African animal oooh how about tiny meerkat?

    My favorite so far is your vacuum followed by your earth!

  21. Anna–I love everything you’ve done lately, and even dreamed about the upright hoover the night before you posted it! How about a tiny toasted cheese sandwich with an accompanying bowl of tomato soup? How about a tomato plant from a garden in Oklahoma in July (all gangly, with vines climbing way out of the cage, brown withered bottom, but green up top and tomatoes in varying degrees of ripeness)? Guess what’s in this Oklahoma garden. Keep on!

  22. These are all really cute!

    I haven’t been able to read all of the comments, so I hope this hasn’t been mentioned already, but a timely one would be a mini guinea pig. (Due to a new movie coming out.) But my motivation is having owned guinea pigs for over 20 years. They’re the bset pets ever and also would probably be pretty easy to knit. You could even use some of those leftover arms with eyes! ;)

  23. Tiny Breakfast, tiny deer, tiny television, tiny truck, tiny bed, tiny clock. I’ve loved this series so much! Keep it up!

  24. Wow this one is the greatest ever hahaha I LOVE EARTH!!

    I would love to see:

    * A tiny Pineapple :)
    * A tiny Milkshake and maybe a little bag of fries to go with it :D
    * A tiny Panda (i love panda’s haha)
    * A tiny hedgehog
    * Oeh oeh oeh or MAYBY a tiny TRANSFORMER :):):)!

    Keep the tiny’s coming :D

  25. What about a tiny chair who always feels so sat upon, and a table who felt put upon…I was thinking a dining room chair but it could be an overstuffed chair (with change under the cushion!)

    Your things are amazing as always! I loved the hoover!

  26. How about a:
    tiny stomach with intestines
    tiny book
    tiny chair
    tiny couch
    tiny clock
    tiny lamp
    tiny vase with flowers
    tiny mailbox
    tiny newspaper
    tiny letter
    tiny shovel
    tiny paintbrush
    tiny frog
    tiny bird
    tiny airplane
    tiny spaceship

    ok, maybe that’s alot but I hope these help!

  27. How about a tiny fire hydrant? Or maybe a tiny set of salt and pepper shakers :)

    I love your tiny stuff! The descriptions/stories are awesome too!

  28. I love the tiny earth! It is super cute (and I love that the continents are actually pretty recognizable).

    A couple of suggestions
    tiny tea cup with saucer
    tiny swimming pool (either kiddie or tiny olympic with lane markers)
    tiny maracas

    I’m sure I will have more!

  29. Your tiny things are awesome. Some tiny ideas: tiny Space Needle, tiny plate of spaghetti with meatballs, tiny sheep, tiny bird’s nest with eggs, tiny teapot.

  30. More!:
    tiny cell phone
    tiny ipod
    tiny train
    tiny light bulb
    tiny spider/web
    tiny kitty
    tiny sock
    tiny hat
    tiny beach
    tiny giraffe
    tiny battery

    Ok, I hope I am not going overboard,but ideas keep pooping up!

  31. I absolutely love the earth…. you should make:
    a tiny spleen
    a tiny car
    a tiny skier
    a tiny skunk
    a tiny mummy
    a tiny muffin who’s depressed because its not a cupcake

  32. sorry if these have already been said:

    tiny football boot
    tiny footbal (english,ie soccer ball)
    tiny ten pin bowling pin (or skittle)
    tiny parrot
    tiny owl
    tiny dragon (my mum luvs ’em!)
    tiny wolf (i luv ’em)
    tiny oyster wiv pearl

  33. just come up wiv somw more ideas;

    tiny jam jar
    tiny kettle
    tiny bin
    tiny oven
    tiny whisk
    tiny knife,fork,spoon and plate
    tiny TV
    tiny flower
    tiny ant
    tiny soccer goal post
    tiny latern
    tiny bow (as in knot)
    tiny robbin hood
    tiny tiger
    tiny candle
    tiny rucksack
    tiny tooth
    tiny tennis ball and racket
    tiny baseball cap
    tiny baseball and ball
    tiny tree
    tiny mobile phone
    tiny pair of jeans
    tiny gerbils
    tiny squrreil

  34. Tiny cactus!
    Tiny potted plant!
    Tiny Gnome!
    Ball of yarn with knitting needles!
    Tiny Subway!

  35. well, you you could make a tiny booger with snot or a tiny poo or barf or something… or a tiny sock! a smelly one! or a fairy or elf or mushroom or OOOOH! a tiny eraser! like the pink kind!!!! i like those.

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