Tiny Tornado

The eleventh tiny thing is a Tiny Tornado.


He picked up a tiny tree a few towns back, and he thinks it’s the perfect accessory! The tree doesn’t share the sentiment, unfortunately.

23 thoughts on “Tiny Tornado

  1. Ugh I spent so much time this morning trying to knit a tiny trailer! But it was just not meant to be.

  2. When I was running yesterday, I saw a show about storm chasers in Tornado Alley, so this feels extra timely.

    Do you want tiny suggestions? (I probably should just try making them myself!

  3. I would love suggestions! It is starting to get harder for me to come up with ideas…

  4. He’s fantastic! When I read the title of your post, I had a completely different vision of a knit tiny tornado. Yours is great though and I’m not sure how I would actually carry mine out. I should take on a challenge similar to this one though, as I love all things knitting and mini and have a large stash of sock yarn ends. I really like the mini anthropomorphic food items (like the fried egg – my favourite so far) so maybe try some more of those? A frustrated carton of orange juice or bowl of popcorn would be cool.

  5. Gee, I’ve always hated tornados until now! :) And as for ideas, I have to say that I think a miniature panda would be divine!

  6. That is so cute! As for tiny stuff. . .how about a ham and cheese sandwich? Or a burger? Or ice cream. . .

    Yes, I’m hungry.

  7. what about a tiny teapot? or a birdhouse? or more food things? the egg was great!
    i adore the tree thats along for the ride.

  8. oh my gosh!! i love the tree he’s awesome!!! no they’re both awesome!

    hmmm i think you should make a minurature a mini tree? or maybe a bridge or something like that….or a tiny castle! that’d probably be pretty hard..so maybe not…

    anyways, i’m excited to see what you make next!!!

  9. This one is definitely the best! I like that you used variegated yarn for the tornado. It puts it over the edge of adorable.

  10. All those tiny things are so funny! My suggestions are: in line with the natural disasters (vulcano, tornado) a tiny tsunami, or a tiny toilet, or maybe a tiny couch :D.
    I’m so much hoping al your tiny thingy’s will be published in a book or pdf or something someday, that’d be awsum

  11. This tornado is crying out for a tiny hurricane friend. With the tiny volcano, you have a nice natural disaster theme.

  12. The tiny series is excellent! Unfortunately a not so tiny tornado just went through my parent’s town and did not so tiny damage. On the plus side, their house is fine, and they now have lots of firewood and more sunlight! Lots of tomatoes and such jumped off their vines as well, and so Mom and Dad came ’round with a huge bag of produce that we’ve been munching on for days. My mom is the knitter in the fam, so I am going to forward her the weeeds which I absolutely love! You won’t catch me referring to dandelions as weeds, however. I love them a lot. In closing, I think your yarn choice for the tornado is fabulous!

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